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Kaedin Wayne Newberry


We Love and Miss you dearly

This memorial website was created in loving memory of our little angel, Kaedin, who was born in Maryland on December 18, 2004 and earned his wings on March 1, 2005.  He died of aseptic meningitis. This is a day we will never forget and will dread the coming of for the rest of our lives. Our son, whom we knew to be very happy and healthy, was discovered to be lifeless by his father in the very place we laid him to sleep the night before. He showed no symptoms whatsoever and had his two month check up just five days before. Now, our sweet baby boy is an angel. We love and miss you so very much Kaedin.

In his short time here on earth, he touched the lives of many. He left behind his Mommy and Daddy, Mary and Donald, two brothers, Austin and Gavin, and six sisters, Dannielle, Rainie, Ashlyn, Aeryn, Laney and Rylan. Although Ashlyn, Aeryn, Laney and Rylan were born after his passing and they never got to know him, he is very loved and missed by all of them.

    Kaedin, our little angel in Heaven, you were only on this Earth for 2 months and 11 days, but during those 73 days you brought more joy into our  lives than anybody can hope to imagine. Although Mommy and Daddy must continue on in this life without you, we will never truly be without you, for you are always in our hearts. Until we meet again and hold you in our arms, we love you and 
miss you with all of our hearts.  


The moment that you died,
My heart was split in two,
One side filled with memories,
The other side died with you.
I often lay awake at night,
When the world is fast asleep,
And take a walk down memory lane,
With tears upon my cheeks.
Remembering you is easy,
I do it all the time,
But missing you is a heartache,
That will never go away.
I hold you tightly within my heart.,
And there you will remain,
Life has gone on without you,
But it never will be the same.


~When Tomorrow Starts Without Me~

When tomorrow starts without me
And I'm not there to see
If the sun should rise and find your eyes
All filled with tears for me.

I wish so much you wouldn't cry
The way you did today
While thinking of the many things
We didn't get to say.

I know how much you love me,
As much as I love you,
And each time that you think of me
I know you'll miss me too.

But when tomorrow starts without me
Please try to understand
That an angel came and called my name
And took me by the hand.

And said my place was ready
In heaven far above
And that I'd have to leave behind
All those I dearly love.

So when tomorrow starts without me

Don't think we're far apart,
For every time you think of me

I'm right here in your heart.

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You are being remembered... every single day.





How very softly you tiptoed into my world.
Almost silently, only a moment you stayed.
But what an imprint your footsteps have
left upon my heart.





I whisper your myself.
I whisper...Happy Birthday, and I love you.
I whisper...I still think about you.
I whisper...goodnight and till we meet again.
I whisper...and hope your Angel ears can hear
My whispers here on earth.
I whisper...because I am afraid that if I speak too loud,
My heart will hear and break again....
So I just whisper......


"Without Me"

I know it seems long
the days without me,
but it is only for a moment
in eternity.
See my smile, the joy in my
Please know mommy,
there is peace in paradise.
Find comfort and peace in the soul
of your heart
and know there will be an end
to the days we are apart.
Try not to hurt too much,
for this is not the end.
One day you'll hold me
in your arms again.

Written in loving memory of Kaedin


~My sunshine~

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You'll never know dear, how much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping,
I dreamt I held you in my arms.
When I awoke dear, I was mistaken,
So I hung my head down and cried.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You'll never know dear, how much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.

   An Angel's Face   

In a brief length of time,
In an ordinary place,
I was blessed with the sight
Of an Angel's face.

He was truly sent to me
From God up above,
To hold, to teach,
To give him my love.

The days and the nights
Were all sweet and dear,
And I'll always thank God
For sending him here.

Now He's gone from this earth,
This ordinary place,
But one day I'll again see
That Angel's face.



I thought of you with love today
But that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday
And days before that too,
I think of you in silence
I often speak your name
All I have are memories
And your picture in a frame
Your memory is my keepsake
With which I'll never part
God has you in his keeping
And I have you in my heart

 I love you so much Kaedin



There is a special Angel in Heaven
that is a part of me.
It is not where I wanted him
but where God wanted him to be.

  He was here but just a moment
like a night time shooting star.
And though he is in Heaven
he isn't very far. 

He touched the heart of many
like only an Angel can do.
I would have held him every minute
if in the end I only knew.

So I send this special message
to the Heavens up above.
Please take care of my Angel
and send him all my love

On the day God took you
I thought that I would die.
I wondered where the time went?
I asked alot of whys?
With people all around me
I felt alone inside.
From all their words of comfort,
I couldn't seem to hide, I thought I might be dreaming
That I'd wake and find you here,
I thought "This can't be happening."
As I wiped away a tear.
On the day that you were laid to rest.
My heart broke yet again,
I wondered if the pain would end,
But mostly, I wondered when?
It's hard to be without you,
At times the days seem long,
Sometimes I just sit crying,
When there's really nothing wrong.
I wish we'd had more time,
Before your life was done.
I know your resting peacefully,
My precious little one.

~Please Don't Ask~

Please don't ask if I'm over it yet
I will never be over it, a part of me died with him!

Please don't tell me he's in a better place
Kaedin's not here with me, in my arms.

Please don't ask if I feel better
Bereavement isn't a condition that clears up!

Please don't tell me you know how I feel,
Unless you've lost your child, you don't have a clue!!

Please don't tell me at least I had him for 73 days,
I'm grateful I did
At what age would you choose to lose your child??

Please do say:

Your'e sorry
Say you remember him, share your memories with me
Let me talk about my precious Kaedin
Mention his name, often

Remember his Birthday, Holiday's and Angel Date


Please let me cry!!!!




Don't Cry Mommy

I know your heart is broken,
from the pain of losing me...
but Mommy, I’m so happy,

if only you could see.
There are angels all around me,
with flowers in their hair...
this place is filled with beauty,
God’s love is everywhere.

He spared me from the sorrow,
that your earth has come to know...
so please don’t worry, Mommy,
'cause Jesus loves me so.

The light shines brightly,
on my little angel face...
if only you could see me,
your pain would be erased.

Such happiness is waiting,
and one day you will see...
we'll finally meet in heaven,
forever, you and me.

Author Unknown


~Too beautiful for Earth~

If I could have a lifetime wish,
A dream that would come true,
I'd pray to God with all my heart
for yesterday and you.
A thousand words can't bring you back;
I know because I've tried.
And neither will a million tears,
I know because I've cried.
You left behind a broken heart
And happy memories too.

I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

An angel In The Book of Life
Wrote down my baby's birth
And whispered as She closed The Book
"Too beautiful for Earth"

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~Mommy, When I Went To Heaven~ 

Mommy, when I went to heaven,
I took part of your heart.
Just so you will always remember me,
And know we will never be apart.

Mommy, when I went to heaven,
I was not alone.
They were waiting there for me,
The day the Lord took me home.

Mommy, when I went to heaven,
I seen you crying down below.
I tried to touch you,
And let you know I love you so.

Mommy, when I went to heaven,
I know you didn't want me to go.
So the Lord let's me come back once & awhile,
I kiss you just to let you know.

Mommy, when I went to heaven,
They promised you would feel my touch.
I am here for you, mommy,
I miss & love you so much....

~ Author Unknown ~

My precious Angel

A life so young Released to heaven...

Left from earth we wonder "why?"

But some are sent among us briefly...

Some have spirits meant to fly.

~Little Angels~

When God calls little children
to dwell with him above,
we mortals sometimes question
the wisdom of his love.
For no heartache compares
with the death of one small child
who does so much to make our
world seem wonderful and mild
perhaps God tires of calling the aged
to his fold, so he picks a rosebud before
it can grow old. God knows how much
we need them, and so he takes but few,
to make the land of Heaven more
beautiful to view. Believing this is
difficult, still somehow we must try.
The saddest word mankind knows will
always be "Goodbye." So when a little
child departs, we who are left behind
must realize God loves children,
Angels are hard to find.


I love and miss you so much Kaedin!
I long for the day I can hold you in my arms again.

I hope that I can find you in heaven...
... cause I'm lost without you down here.

I miss you so much Kaedin!



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Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven. I love and miss you so much. I wish we could be together. Today is your First Thanksgiving and we can't even share it together. Life is so unfair, why were you taking so soon? I need you. You will forever ...  Continue >>
Love never fades   / Debbie Wappula
Hey you guys,
It's been so long since we talked and I think of you often.  This first year, the pain is so immense, and there are still so many firsts...
Kaedin's love for you and yours for him will NEVER fade, the pain will hopefully beco...  Continue >>
Encouragement  / Lance &. Carissa Marine (friends of the family )
Mary, The tears I cried tonight as I visited Kaedin's website are not even comparable to the amounts I know you have shed for your little angel. There is nothing anyone can say or do to relieve you of your pain or sorrow; but we can be here for you...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Kaedin's memories will live on!  

Kaedin left a lot of wonderful memories for us to cherish. He will NEVER be forgotten and will live on in our hearts forever. We love and miss you so much Kaedin.

I hope that I can find you in heaven...
        ... cause I'm lost without you down here

Much thanks!  
Much thanks to the anonymous friend, who sponsored this website; it is very much appreciated.
Thank you!  
Thank you to everyone that has helped me though this difficult time. I could not have made it without you. Thanks again for all of your love and support. 
Thank you!  

My heartfelt thanks to all those who

visit Kaedin's site. Everyday is a struggle and I

thank you for your kind words, prayers and

support. It means the world to me. Please feel

free to light a candle and/or add a tribute.


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